Published Articles

The following is my portfolio of written works that have been published online and/or in print. Click the links to check out the stories:

The Chicago Reporter

I wrote the following solutions journalism story examining Latino college enrollment post-pandemic as part of my joint editorial internship at The Chicago Reporter and Illinois Latino News. The piece was also featured on ILLN as well as the Solutions Story Tracker:

A Familismo Approach to Latino College Enrollment

Education Week

I wrote the following articles for Education Week's official website as their newsroom intern, working as part of both their editorial team and digital strategy team:

7 Ways School Leaders Can Master Nonverbal Communication

4 Ways Schools Can Ease Students' Separation Anxiety

We Asked Teachers What Inspires Them. Here’s What They Said.

Teachers Take to Twitter to Crowdfund Classroom Supplies

Should Medical Marijuana Be Allowed in Schools?

Why Teacher Voices Matter: A Q and A with Veteran Teacher, Author and Blogger Larry Ferlazzo

7 Ways to Reduce Principal Burnout

Principal Who Criticized His State's Return to School Mandate Dies from Long COVID

Superintendents Like Their Jobs Despite All the Drama, a New Survey Shows

After Abortion Ruling, School Nurses See Tough Conversations Ahead

What Age is The Right Age for a Kid to Get a Cellphone?

Schools Prefer Cheaper Ventilation Options to Curb COVID: Why They Should Consider Upgrading

5 Ways Title IX Transformed School Sports (and More)

6 Insights on Teaching Shortages

Illinois Latino News

I wrote the following articles as part of my joint editorial internship at The Chicago Reporter and Illinois Latino News:

Illinois Latina Leaders pave the way forward for the 2022 elections

A Familismo Approach to Latino College Enrollment

Medill Reports

I wrote about school closures and the current state of education among Native American communities along the Louisiana Gulf Coast for my graduate school news outlet:


Native American schools on Louisiana Gulf Coast struggle to reopen in wake of Hurricane Ida


Omaha Magazine

I wrote a feature on young pastry chef Austin Weyhrich, as part of my responsibilities as the editorial intern for Omaha Magazine from Feb-May'21.

Young Pastry Chef Works Wonders at Le Petit Paris

Erace the Hate

I wrote the following articles as a communications intern volunteering for the non-profit Erace The Hate:

Halloween Costumes and Culture: A Hit or a Miss?

5 Simple Ways to Give Back to the Earth

Black History Month Through the Years

The Importance of Embracing Multiculturalism

Artist of the Month: T.EVIN$

The Creightonian

As the opinion editor for the Creightonian I wrote the following OP-EDs:

Modern dating kills the romance

Appreciate your opposite-sex friendships

Going with the flow is easier said than done

Women need to support other women

Don't take people at their face value

Learn to love yourself first

Stubbornness is both a virtue and a vice

Culture does not define you

Romantic comedies are not all bad

Feminism is often misunderstood

Teach kids to seek happiness not perfection

Siblings play a role in shaping your personality

Conspiracy theories spread online

Judge intentions not consequences

Fear of failure is the driving force of cynicism

Eliminate the student debt crisis

Political opposites may not always attract

Encourage participation in international student associations

Social media should not validate you

Bring out your inner child

Your 20s can make or break you

As an arts and culture reporter for the Creightonian, I wrote the following stories:

Creighton students explore Omaha's tea options

Creighton alum begins writing career with a horror novel

JINYA crafts new flavors

Ice cream shop rolls into Omaha


Quest Journal 2021

My research article titled "“Harry Styles’s Unique Persona: Defying Hegemonic Masculinity”, which I presented at the Central States Communication Conference (CSCA'21), is published in the student research journal Quest.


Harry Styles’s Unique Persona: Defying Hegemonic Masculinity